This Soul weeps your name !

why do u haunt me ?
why u come again and again ?
in my dreams of course .
don’t you know its called
torturing ?
why do u want me to weep your name in the middle of the night ?
why can’t you leave my mind and heart alone ?
you have plenty of rooms …
why do you want to haunt me then
I wonder if a day will come by
when I won’t scream your name
remember those stairs
ant tree
when I look back , or try to analyse my 6 years would be simply nothing if I take out your presence
it was always around you .
your name
your happiness
your stairs.. how can I forget wishes.
Don’t haunt me !
You already have taken
my everything with you
what else do you think worth taking now ?
why do you want me to remain yours ?
when you no longer care to even know I am dead or alive .
I said july is special for me …
do you know why ?
because may be you will be back
see my hope .
called mentally ill .
I went there again ..  today hoping that every face that turn on that stair to be yours .
but non was !
I missed it loffar
but promise me next birth ?
yeah ! now stop haunting me .
you have made it impossible for me to reach you .
no email ,no gtalk, no whatsapp, no Mb27, no where .
its like you don’t even exist now
I said I keep promises
but ? isn’t this too harsh ?
come back
I am still waiting
this soul is yours
only you can feed this .
only your existence helps me
I want to breathe again
but don’t haunt me
my soul is tortured .

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