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One day, 

it would be the places we go or cross

that would remind you of the fire and ice 

we shared 💛

Of the smell I emitted 

Of the hours we travelled💛💜

One day,

I will live in the walls of your house

And you will search me everywhere else 

One day,

It would be all gone

The urge of kissing you right in the middle of street

The anxiey of seeing you everyday 

Thereof you would find me in the air 

we breathe 

In the rain that showered the evening we met

One day,

It would all stop bothering

It would stop to remind you of the time

We played romeo and Juliet


It was the Horizon


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​and I thought it will end

If I take a step further 

If I feel that moment . 

But astoundingly it did not end there, 

not at all . 

It did not exhaust.

It grew 

Setting a new beginning of a parallel world, 

It  was the horizon .

There, missed the last line 

and landed into another world 🌃

I can’t see the line anymore

Don’t know if its going to blur

Or it was blur earlier

Just know that it was the horizon

and I somehow crossed it 

Should I create another planet? 


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Should I create another world ? a planet ?

why can’t we do what we want ?

I am not going to harm or effect another’s right anyhow .

Even then , why should I face uneven circumstances if I choose the path I find sane ?

Who said to be together or love together requires, approval of the whole community? 

whom it doesn’t even matter if I live or die or go crazy over a plate of omelet.

who made such stupid rules?

why should I be tagged oust and defective if I do what my heart tells me to ? I am not raping, killing, molesting, cheating, wounding, stealing or infringing another’s right.

why should I be banned?

why should some old, retarded humans decide my fate? 

When will this world start accepting true , natural human feelings?

although it fucking matters .

but when will this planet realise I do not need it’s stamp of approval .

Should I create one for myself ?

to live, to cry, to hug , to die, or to love.

Time and Hope 


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Time and Hope 

I passed ahead 

while she waited for me 

she called me back 

but I am an inevitable growing 

ever seen a river flow back ?

same, I couldn’t .

I am a progression into future 

she’s a travel of time 

goes back to notes and images 

cries for me to come back

how can I ?

she says I am multidimensional 

that is why she needs me 

and I am capable of being with her

but she forgets, she lives in plurality

she needs to learn 

There is no greater wisdom 

than well to time the beginnings and onsets of things

but she says one day 

I would be slower 

when no process would continue 

no light would flow 

I know I am destined to die 

and then may be I would run backwards 

and meet her 

I won’t let her die, because her death would mean devastation 

I would prove she’s important​

I will .


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Do as you say

I will listen to each word 

And implement each line 

I will go again tomorrow 

The same class , the same room 

I will read again , i will solve again 

The cases, the phrases, the sections 

I will make it happen

Do as you say

I will, mark this day

Seek your soul, the system , eyes

And make it happen

You are my magic, and the motive 

Of the miracle which gonna happen 

I will find ways 

Dreamers will turn it, dreamers have the guts, i am a dreamer 

I will do as you say

I will make it happen .

Hours then Years


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Do your neck still smell the same ? 

Do your heart still sinks taking my name?

You lied ?

May be chose the brighter one

Yes, I always regretted. I regret.

But you never turned back to see it through my eyes .

I waited like for Hours and then years

every eye scanned me as some opportunity or tragedy

But I kept going there hoping to see your shadow 

taking those 7PM buses

she may be like a star

but I was your moon, love

after like three years and more

i still go blank seeing your name, hearing it , touching it

your last letter is still kept in my book box and rest with her you know

i thought I am off you 

but a mere thought of facing you again ever 

melts me, freezes me, stops me

you still own it man

stop haunting now please love

let me love and live again

I am still trying to escape only

running way ahead 

but still look backs and go breathless

leave that string

let me fly

let me go

What couldn’t be shared, was wept .


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she calls herself a writer but couldn’t write a word

couldn’t even hold the pen

when she was most sad 

when so much of so many things 

were running through her mind

but still she stood blank 

didn’t share, didn’t shout, didn’t smile and didn’t even cry

she was all still all pain all silent

around a year back

in fact she stopped everything that gave her little peace

she believes feeling pain to the depth is what makes you grow later on

but no one told her

it changes everything

it makes rivers turn sand dunes 

only she went to the same foot over bridge , sitting for hours

when she was most sad 

she calls herself a writer 

but couldn’t express the pain 

She went through the phase she was most sad

later she realised what couldn’t be written and shared ever

flew through her eyes forever

Silently Breathing


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I will be standing blank faced

no tears no amazement no smile

You would be expecting my utterance

but I would be just silently breathing you would be all words

and i would be all silence

I will have it in my heart, probably eyes

but i will force silence over sound

will listen to your words

Flowing through my veins to belly

my goosebumps will tell you the story

but my mind will prove me heartless

I would be wanting to hold you tight

sink into your skin

name my soul as tours

but would not walk an inch

I will be looking at you

shouting love to the highest pitch 

in silence

but you will trust my blankness

that day I would be loving and wanting you the most

but you would walk away

expecting me to make you stay

asking me to tell the reasons

all I would be knowing is

I can’t make you suffer for me

That day you would be wanting to have me the most

still would lose me to the worst

Twinkling Hopes


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Is it those 3am snuggle 

or midnight Highnesses?

reason is immaterial .

August itself, has not even ended 

and I thought I will manage it .

it already brought “it’s impossible”

before I could firmly even believe it’s actually feasible or not !

but then it’s meant to soothe 

and calm us down 

bringing all the love and promises 

once scared of asking 

today got for free !

realisations, realities, love

lots of optimism and twinkling hopes

a new start 

and limitless possibilities

i have him 

❤ whole of him, for forever

magic and me

he made me zara 

i belong here, to his heart.​

Metro Train Window


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love, I am privileged 

for the Carte blanche

you have showered 

as I look at my real image reflecting on the metro train window 

I can see no hubris 

just a realisation after minutes that I am looking at my face, but remembering you unconsciously

and also that how important it is to Carpe diem

and not letting overweening win you

I feel privileged of this life experiences 

I am living through you ❤