That part of river water which fell in love with a stone .


Life is like a river
You said u are stone
And I am the flow
Yeah it never ever turns back .
True I went across the land
Far away from that stone
But after few yards
I realised I can’t leave you there
I can’t leave my name with you
I tried turning back
But as you said I am the flow
I can’t run back in time
Back to your heart
So I am here in a whirlpool
Can’t come back can’t run ahead
Punishing myself
I can’t even see you now
May be you are drowned too deep
Or me I am too far now
I have lost you
I have left you there
I am that part of river water
which fell in love with a stone
Lately but I have decided
To stay there …. In that whirlpool
Hoping for a miracle
That might push you near me .
I am breathing but not alive
Forgive me or kill me .

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