Nameless Bonds

We offer our wells 

To someone who’s not thirsty 

We shower our clouds 

On someone who is either flooding with abundance

Or has forgotten what rain feels like 

And thus refrains themselves

Someone who didn’t wish or demand 

We empty our treasures 

On the wealthy gardener

Blooming with fragrance 

Or has just dried grasses in all the corners 

Thus hurting ourselves through the route 

Not acknowledging the indifference of intersections


Sometimes the gardener asks 

How is the plant doing 

After he refrained from watering it 

Resulting in his vegetative state


Sometimes he behaves extremely innocent

and Calls name and follows the supply 

After its being stopped and asked to return 


It questions the bond

After saying don’t tag this

Let it remain nameless



And we leave our parts in them

Knowing it’s not gonna be valued 


Foolishly we keep digging deeper 

Where the gardener says 

I won’t let people fall

Making ourselves look

Thirsty, flooded and empty 





7th November 2022



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