Unfair Unbuttoned Dreams

He took out all my packed desires
Pulled me closer as I had wondered
Most Gracefully
He was beyond my imaginative measures
I Slightly lifted up to see the fire crackers
Around my ears
In my heart
Ignited by his unexpectedly warm grip
At some point I froze, stiff and lost
In northern winter
We were sweating out old longings
He took the charge for 5 seconds
And made the world spin inside me
Asked my patterns and extent
It was ambiguous when I tried answering
He didn't clarify either
So, blurred were the window panes and mirrors around
He has opened the door
Of his desires and dust piled feelings
Emitting damp smell
Today's the last day when it gets closed again
For how long, no one knows
He says he doesn't abandon things
Let's see if he abandons the little sparkles
He said he felt
Let's see if he grabs me and pulls me into his closed orbit
And stops the time
Under our warm and sensual latent cravings
or I remain in this whirlpool of magentic thirst and infusing touch


5th November 2022


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