Strings Attached

I feel trapped
Like tied with different souls
On my journey
A part of me never comes back
I either have to consider it dead
Or it grows beautifully well like a parasite
On the human souls
I chose to give my living stems

When I meet people
I believe it’s mostly
an intersection
Like a blink of my eye
But now it seems
The same thread is wrapped around
Their waist, shoulders and neck
That is strangulating my life

This journey has left me
And dense
Like a forest with vines growing everywhere
Branches to soil
Rivers to rocks
Full of Mysterious routes
And yet no human souls strived to live there

You can’t untangle now
It’s complex and beautiful
All you can do is cut the knots
And free yourself
Run away from prioritising
Run away from commitments
Give up, like it’s the only solution
Because that’s what World has become
Tangents are looking for easy routes

Tell yourself a lie
everytime your heart beats
Out of that tied body
Numb yourself to sleep
That’s the escape you have learnt
When the tangents will rub against each other
For years to come
Comfort yourself
By calling it an intersection
Stay in the illusion

When you will find my parts
Left in you, growing out of you
Like a lush green creeper
After years of strengthening my aerial roots
Stop the time
And come back in past
Stay in the whirlpool of time
Smell my hair, call my name, tell my story
Be mine, devote yourself as a whole
Let it sound surreal
Because rest i know
That future is uncertain


29th October, 2022
1:15 am


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