Line art on the shoulder

Do you see how they slide ?
From your shoulder to neck bone
My little index finger
Sometimes the ring
Feeling every inch of your skin
With the Venn diagram circled over it
Close your eyes and listen to it
With the air rushing inside your chest
Feel my fingers moving across the edge of your skin
From shoulder to neck
Neck to shoulder
From the collar bone to the edge of the shoulder
Caressing the pores and texture
Like a snail
Has it's own pace
Has it's own pattern
Similar to the one you saw in the blue pottery designs I have been drawing with rose red acrylic
Do you feel it now?
Now you can hear it scream
Just like the wind which we heard on the terrace last evening
Do you hear it ?
My fingers talking to your conscious being
Asking the depth of every move
Every curve and U-turn it takes
On the left shoulder
How deeper?
Do you feel the depth ?
Oh you do not
Oh you wish not to !
Come back, little fingers
Don't intervene the secretive, concealing life of that shoulder,
It's not ready to understand
The power of your touch
Your circles have depth he can't dive into
Your slow paced intervention is a threat to his existence
Come back, the illusion couldn't be created
My little fingers
The magic is yet to take its shape
Wait for your turn
Keep the warmth intact
You will be dancing on the uneven surfaces
On the curves and sharp edges
On the turns and close ends
The strands and bones
The nerves and moles
Your circles will meet the zig zag patterns in his palm
Your warmth will be seeked in the cold breezy routes of the thorny land
It will melt
And mix with the sound of wind
We heard on the terrace last evening


10th oct, 2022



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