Left out in the abundance

Its like you were in a far away desert,
walking towards the horizon,
but all happy and hopeful,
because some silhouettes are around
or was just walking side by side,
giving calm glances.
So you feel relieved and walk with hope and positivity,
though you know its a long way,
numerous sand dunes to cross,
several nights to pass,
several days to face the scrotching heat,
and unknown dangers of the desert .
But you are hopeful
because some heat is there with you,
close or far, but some heat is.
And then suddenly you find yourself all alone.
That heat is gone, you can’t even see a shadow or far away silhouette.
And suddenly it hits, the agony of being left out, being hopeless, alone, lonely
and suddenly every desire to eat, sleep, dies. your peace in the head varnishes,
you feel completely vulnerable.
Left out in the abundance.
Your stomach aches calling out for help
Names of known and unknown
In the desert
In the whirlpool of sand and hope
Sinking down
Left out in the abundance of solitude and pain


20th October, 2021
3:00 Pm


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