Dive Down

Let him go

As he jokes about it.

Let him just go

Like you let him, years ago

Don't think of those light bulbs in the chandelier of that abandoned room

Don't think of those yellow flowers with blue wall in the background in that white Frame

Don't think about the heart of roses, you couldn't value or take along by any means 

Which was thrown out finally after waiting for months 

Don't think of the saree and shirt play

Let that go

In the past

His mind will always wander

Who's my heart and shoulder 

Even if I sail alone, all disturbed and depressed 

That's what I deserve 

That's what karma gave me back

So just let him go 

Don't think of plunging and swaying on his back

Don't think of sharing those pictures you found in the drive 

Let him go in peace

Let him go

Don't think why you still heavy about him

Don't think why your heart couldn't forget him

Don't think of his name, face, food or failed consoling acts. 

Forget him love.

Let him go in the past. 

13th January, 2022

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