Bleak Blue Ocean

Leave my hand
Let me drown
I know this is a trap⁹
I know i am gonna sink
Let me go
Leave my hand

Don’t advice me to stay
Don’t advice me to sleep
Don’t run after me
Don’t pull me up
That rope is tied around my neck
It will squeeze me to death
I will cut all the safety ropes
And dive down the horizon

Leave my hand
Leave my ropes
Let me vanish in the bleak blue ocean
Let the crimson hue rise above the surface
Let me sink in
Deep in the bleak blue ocean

Don’t call my name
After every fall
After every spring
My sleeves are torn
My ears no longer listen to your voice
I can see you murmur
I can sense your warm breathe
I can feel your lips
Planting warm kisses on the eye lids
Of the dead flesh

Let me die
Mourn for my love
Mourn for the care I showered
Sing those beautiful local songs
You sung that night
The night of separation and depth
Don’t hold on to me
Let me bury the saplings of the seeds of my love
Let me vanish in the bleak blue ocean


15th August, 2022

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