Sabotaged Love

Now when i look back
I am not saved from the pain
I estimated to save myself from
By staying away, by controlling myself
By being engaged in others, other things
I fooled myself
What a fool I am
Now when I look back
I see a coward person
Trying to not love,
just in the pretext of being understanding, mature, indifferent
Because nothing helped
What I was running from
Is looking sharp into my eyes
I am caught.
Its gonna pain and feel abandoned & empty at the same time.
Now when I look back
All I see is sabotaging one’s love
To show indifference,
But the road ended on the same lake
The lake of sorrow, suffering and love
Love, which was not shared, not given
Love that got sabotaged
Everything passed, everything’s ended, except that love.
Like evergreen wound, it heals,
then you scratch it, its live again, it heals,
then you bump it into memories and regret
and its live again.

20th May, 2021
6:18 AM

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