My Presence Kills .

Its weird .

yours is satisfactory 

and mine is Killing

When you stand , its peace in eyes

and when i stand , its stain in Destiny

You say you have moved on

But i still don’t believe we are apart now

My existence hurts , my presences spoil

you career , your future

its sad , i will have to stop here .

Do you remember , there was a day

when i use to use “full stops” , only when angry

See now .

see, i am pinching , and killing myself .

I feel sorry , i spoiled your years

But for me those were the best years of my life .

i feel sad , my presence kills

and yours is highly satisfactory .

you please take care

and i will see what i can do with my life

obviously i cant murder myself .

as i promised you .

But i wont live 🙂 🙂


    • Thanks Shruti for appreciating the work . Yeah . I am alright . Its just that the Shadow which i was chasing or can say waiting for … Is lost … Its lost … I have no choice other than accepting it . because my mere presence makes life completely tough for that person and obvio why would i want that . i am owk . 😉

      • Hey dear,
        No matter who says it or how much they reiterate, your presence cannot be bad for anyone who truly loves you. Love just brings in support and strength. The person who actually loves you would fight all odds and prove this wrong. Otherwise, you deserve a better someone. Please just smile!:)

      • Yeah . but people move on and they make u realise its 😉 all different now … Nothing matters , related stuff you know … And they stop fighting . nothing effects them … I am out of balance now . dont know what i am writing . Anyways thank you . hope things get better .but obvio one cant force themselves on another . …

      • Yes true
        I know its really hard for you and it’s probably the toughest times to fight. I really hope you get better and be happy.
        God bless you dear:)

      • Sometimes we have to just leave things as it is . and may be for the sake of others , for their happiness . Though the definition of satisfaction and happiness has changed now for them . But its owk 🙂 🙂 You cant just cant do anything sometimes . and its owk .

      • Same to you . Please figure out the best and stay always positive and hopeful . never kill your hope . but yes keep moving 🙂

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